Subtotal is a crew of two. Illustrations created by Grega and Jaro are a conglomerate of surreal creatures.

Although the artists do not search for a conscious foundation or the subsequent rational classification of their art, certain prominent characteristics as well as a common underlying theme may be recognized within.

Their work finds its origins in the conjoining of various body parts, whether real or fantastic, through which numerous symbolic meanings are expressed and an imaginary world of parallel evolution is sustained. Creatures drawn by Jaro are first and foremost a result of experimental combination. Some of them manifest recurrently and represent a connective element between other illustrations (Tentacles, Eyes), while others are entirely singular, unique experimental pieces (Catricorn, Disconnected Angel, Fingersnail). Construction is also the most readily observed characteristic of Grega's art, which produces amalgamations of the contemporary urban and the fantastic (Horse, Rooster, Raven) while also giving form to mutated creatures that comprise numerous seemingly incompatible individual parts, in themselves particularly flawless yet together a representation of perfect chaotic disharmony.

The artists thread the line between the real and the imaginary, the urban and the primitive, the hideous and the beautiful. Their symbolism is neither overly conspicuous nor forceful. It depends mostly on the observer's powers of imagination and experiments both with shapes as well as meanings. In the world of commonplace reality, the planes of fantasy and dream are consolidated into an absolute reality, surreality. The art of absurdity lets individual imagination roam freely.


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